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What is Cobra Roofing?

More than 3 decades, Cobra roofing has been serving to Southwestern Ontario many cities like Ajax, Whit-by, Oshawa, Clarington, Uxbridge, Scucog, and Brock Township. It is a well known roofing company that is capable of satisfying customers as per their requirements. It deals I re-roofing, roof repair, window replacement, eaves trough. Seeing the areas in which it works; cobra roofing claims to be the all rounder in home protection segment.

Why Trust on Cobra Roofing?

Cobra Roofing roofers are highly skilled and talented to produce quality roofing. Customer satisfaction is our first goal. We believe on quality and durability. Roofing services are not cheap and the selection of contractor must be with careful consideration. It ensures you the long lasting and powerful constructed roof. When it comes to Cobra roofing, constructing roof becomes an art as it design the roof with curved eaves trough, a channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater to facilitate the water flow away without collecting on the nook and corners. Windows make artistic combination that enhances the beauty of the exterior of the house collectively. We surpass all competition because of our top-notch roofing/re-roofing.

Featured Services:

It is one of the best companies that provide reliable roofing services.


A house plays very important role I the life of human. We spend all our lives to build a home so that we can make secure our family. If your house is very old and worn out then sure you need to re-roof so that it can protect the precious assets keep inside. Construction material deteriorates with the passage of time a nature in different form like atmospheric pressure, humidity, and excess heat and coldness. Our roofing material is strong enough to fight back against these elements and secure the house for longer duration.

Roof Repair:

Our roofers are expert to diagnose the problematic area and repair it in such a way that no one would be able to identify repaired spot. We use hi-tech roofing techniques so that naked eyes will be unable to identify the repaired spots.


Window Replacement:

Together with roofing services, we also work in windows replacement. Make your home perfect with our suggested combination of cobra roofing and window material. You will get a unique look of your house.

Eaves Trough:

Without proper eaves, a roof can never stay longer. To ensure the longevity and strength of the roof we design channel across the roof to let the water drop down as soon as possible.

Cobra roofing has become talk to the town in all Southwestern Ontario. We have earned good repute from Ajax to Brock Township covering all the other important places as Whit-by, Oshawa, Clarington, Uxbridge, and Scucog.

We are all rounder in roofing from consultancy to services. We do our best to satisfy our customer by making them aware all the pros and cons about roofing and what benefits they can get in case of making contract with us.

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